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CLC Pricing and Payments

Is the cost of attending the events included in the fee for each level of the CLC program?

The price for each level of the CLC program includes the price of the events that are part of that level of the CLC program. The events in the CLC program are offerred at a substantial discount from the retail price. CLC students do not need to pay when registering for the events as the event price was already included in the price of the CLC program. Flights and travel costs are not included in the price of the CLC program. For example, CLC1 includes the cost of attending Culinary Skills Week (CSW) and the student is responsible for their own travel expenses.

What happens if I have already attended some of the events and/or courses included in the CLC program?

The price for the level of the CLC program containing those previously attended events and/or courses will be discounted at the time of registration for that CLC level by 50% of the current cost of attending each of those events and/or courses. To clarify, taking advantage of this discounted price for the CLC level, does not entitle you to re-attend the course or event for which you received the discount.

To obtain this discount for a previously attended course or event, send an email to education@foodnsport.com prior to registering for the associated CLC level. As the online tests, oral tests and proficiency tests will include portions of the courses and events, you may want to consider re-taking the course to refresh your understanding and skills.

If you prefer to re-attend a course or event, simply pay the regular price for the CLC level, which includes a discounted price for events and courses.

Internships completed before 2008 at the Fasting and Feasting in Costa Rica event cannot receive credit nor a discounted price for CLC3 as the internship program changed dramatically in 2008 and is now a more thorough and in depth learning experience.

Is the CLC program discounted from the usual retail prices of the included events, courses and educational materials?

  • The CLC program is the most cost effective way to obtain Dr. Graham's educational materials and attend his events.
  • All 3 levels of the CLC program include significant discounts off the retail prices of the included events, courses and educational materials.
    For example, there are two ways at looking at how the price of CLC1 has been discounted:
    1. If you look at the discount from the perspective of paying the regular retail price for the events and courses, then you receive the entire Supreme Health Package (SHP) for free!
    2. If you look at the discount being applied across the courses, events and educational product in CLC1 they are discounted at 33% off the retail price.
  • Further discounts are available as detailed below when purchasing a package of more than one CLC level:
    1. A 5% discount will apply on registration for a package of either:
      1. CLC1 and CLC2; or
      2. CLC2 and CLC3.
    2. A 10% discount will apply on registration for the full CLC program package of CLC1, CLC2 and CLC3.
  • Upon registration for a CLC multi-level package, CLC students will still have the regular installment plan options available, with the additional CLC package discount of 5% or 10% applied.

What does my fee cover?

The price of each level of the CLC program includes:
  • educational products (books, CDs, DVDs and charts) (CLC1);
  • the cost of each required event (CLC1, CLC2, CLC3);
  • the cost of each required course (CLC1, CLC2, CLC3);
  • online exams (CLC1, CLC2, CLC3);
  • administration (CLC1, CLC2, CLC3);
  • oral exam (CLC2);
  • mentoring (CLC3);
  • individualised project(s) (CLC3);
  • specialized forum involvement (CLC3);
  • proficiency exam (CLC3).

Are there any hidden costs to the CLC program?

The travel expenses to get to the events and courses are not included.

Some events may offer optional services such as massage that are not included in the cost of the event.

Email education@foodnsport.com if you require clarification on any other inclusions/exclusions for the CLC program.

What payment options are available?

When registering for a CLC package or a specific level of the CLC program, the following payment options will be available:
  1. Pay for your tuition in full and receive all product, courses and allow event and classroom course registration; OR
  2. Pay in 4 quarterly installments.
Making 4 installments allows the CLC student to proceed with studying the parts of their CLC level that they have paid for, while covering the cost of educational products, and specific events or courses, as they go.

On an installment plan for the CLC program, it is possbile to make advance payments in order to receive product earlier or attend an event, simply by sending an email to assist@foodnsport.com.

The payment options available can be found on the CLC pages listed in the coaching section of the FoodnSport online shop.

Are any scholarships available for the CLC program?

Currently there are no scholarships available for CLC program. Students could consider options like fundly.com to raise funds to cover the cost of their CLC education.

CLC Cancellation and Postponement

What happens if I have registered for an event but can no longer attend due to other commitments?

As a CLC student you will have already paid for an event before registering for that event. In the event that you need to cancel your attendance between registration time and the start of the event, the FoodnSport Policies apply. According to the FoodnSport Cancellation and Refund policies for events, depending on how close to the event you make your cancellation, you may lose up to 20% of the event price which will require payment prior to re-registering for the next time that event is scheduled.

What happens if a situation comes up where I need to postpone my CLC studies?

As the CLC program is self-paced, you are able to delay your studies as long as necessary. Simply send an email to education@foodnsport.com to explain your situation and we will put your program on hold.

What happens if a situation comes up and I need to cancel my CLC studies? Will I receive any refund?

While we hope you continue to further your education and development through the CLC program, in the event you wish to withdrawal from the CLC program, you will be refunded 80% of the price paid for each CLC level being cancelled, less the following amounts:
  • the current retail price of products (e.g. Supreme Health Package (SHP)) already dispatched to you, including postage and handling;
  • the current retail price of online courses already begun by you (e.g. Advanced Applied Nutrition (AAN) and Applied Science of Sports Nutrition and Physiology (SNP) courses);
  • the current retail price of all events and classroom courses already attended;
  • any non-refundable deposit, according to the FoodnSport policies, for classroom courses and events the CLC student has registered for but has not yet attended; and
  • the current retail price of any other components of each CLC level for which the costs have already been incurred.

CLC - Contact Us

Who do I contact if I have questions about the CLC program?

Email questions about CLC payments and CLC pricing to assist@foodnsport.com, being sure to "cc" education@foodnsport.com.

Email questions about the CLC program to education@foodnsport.com.

You can ask general FoodnSport questions not concerning the CLC program at foodnsport.com/contact.php.

If their contact details change, who should CLC students notify?

FoodnSport require a current email address for CLC students at all times as email is the primary and preferred method of contact.

Email education@foodnsport.com if your email, phone, address or other personal contact details change.

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