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CLC Program Structure

What is the CLC program?

CLC is the acronym used to refer to the "80/10/10 Certified Lifestyle Coach" program.
The CLC program consists of 3 levels:
There are also ongoing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to continue your education beyond CLC3.

Why does FoodnSport offer the CLC program?

80/10/10 is spreading like wildfire and FoodnSport is looking for individuals to join them in their quest to teach natural health. Through completing the CLC program with FoodnSport you can gain the education and support to teach 80/10/10. After completion a link to your info will be placed on our site stating what you are certified for and how to contact you. You can be a part of the lifestyle that is taking the raw-world by storm, and help us reach the whole world.

How long does it take to complete the levels of the CLC program?

  • CLC1 is completely self-paced apart from attending Culinary Skills Week (CSW). For someone already familiar with Dr. Graham's range of educational products, who has no other commitments, it could be possible to complete CLC1 within a couple of months, however, it would more likely take around 6 months for most people. Also, CSW is currently only taught in early September.
  • CLC2 involves attending a course and several events which are currently held in Aug/Sep and Jan/Feb, and passing exams based on the teachings at those events. So it is possible to complete CLC2 over a minimum of 7-8 months.
  • CLC3 involves a substantial amount of mentoring, assignments, a course to refine presentation skills and an intensive internship at the Fasting and Feasting in Costa Rica event. During CLC3, the knowledge acquired in CLC1 and CLC2 is put into application to ensure CLC students complete the program with extensive applied knowledge across disciplines including health, fitness, nutrition, physiology that they will draw on for a lifetime. CLC3 typically takes a minimum of 2-3 years due to the depth of training involved.

Does each level of the CLC program need to be completed before beginning the next level?

For most people the best approach is to complete CLC1 before beginning CLC2 and CLC3, in order to achieve a solid grounding in the core teachings of the program so you are prepared for CLC2 and CLC3. We do allow students to sign-up for multiple levels of the CLC program and complete them concurrently, however, you cannot be certified at a particular level until you have been certified at the previous levels. For example, you could not achieve CLC2 certification until you have completed CLC1 certification, but you can begin completing components of CLC2 before becoming CLC1 certified.

Which events and classroom courses are included in each CLC level?

CLC1 includes: CLC2 includes: CLC3 includes:

How many hours a week will I be required to commit in order to complete the course on time?

The CLC program is self-paced with most of the education completed by correspondence. This gives the CLC student great flexibility in choosing how much time to invest into their education each week.

Why can't I complete the entire CLC program by correspondence?

While much of the CLC program can be completed by correspondence using a computer and the internet, you are required to attend a number of classroom courses and events to complete the educational program. Certain specialized lectures and training are only offered at specific FoodnSport events. As those lectures and training are integral to the CLC program, those FoodnSport events are an essential part of the CLC program.

Is there any further education beyond CLC3?

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) include a wide and growing ongoing range of seminars, events, projects, and experiences which will be offered to support the ongoing education of our CLC graduates so they can continue to grow and develop their expertise.

    CLC3 graduates will be required to complete CEUs to maintain current certification.
    One CEU is typically the equivalent a weekend course of approximately 12 hours in duration.

    Some CEUs can be done by correspondence.
  • Look for future announcements for special programs concerning certification to become a CLC Instructor.

Can I be a CLC student if I have special needs?

Before registering for the CLC program, discuss your special needs to ensure they can be met by emailing education@foodnsport.com.

Are existing CLC students notified if there are changes to the CLC program?

Dr Douglas Graham and FoodnSport reserve the right to review and update the CLC program at any time.

The impact on CLC students will be given due consideration before making any CLC program updates.

Updates to a particular level of the CLC program will not adversely affect graduates that have already passed that level.

Registered CLC students will be notified by email in advance of changes being made to the CLC program that may affect them.

How much time do I get to spend with Dr. Graham and FoodnSport staff in each of the CLC levels?

For CLC1:
  • During Culinary Skills Week (CSW) you will spend an intensive week with Dr. Graham and FoodnSport staff particularly during the daily lectures and at meal times.
  • You will correspond by email with FoodnSport staff as you progress through the CLC1 components.
For CLC2: For CLC3:
  • During the Presenting Excellence (PE) course and the Internship program at the Fasting and Feasting in Costa Rica (IFFCR) event, you will spend a substantial amount of time interacting with Dr. Graham and FoodnSport staff, particularly during the daily lectures and at meal times. IFFCR includes intensive learning programs with Dr. Graham and FoodnSport staff which is incorporated into meal times
  • The mentoring time with Dr. Graham and FoodnSport staff is extensive and tailored to the needs of the student.

What happens if I fail one of the CLC online exams?

You will be permitted to take each CLC online exam 3 times before being disqualified from certification.

Is there a disclaimer for the CLC program?

Disclaimer: The 80/10/10 Certified Lifestyle Coach program is not a licensing program and does not permit you to diagnose, treat, prescribe, or to in any other manner perform services that require a medical license or other license in your state. It does not certify you to work with clients in order to help them overcome disease, and you must not do so unless you are otherwise licensed to care for such individuals. Those with severe chronic illness seeking your advice should be referred to a Hygienic Doctor or otherwise licensed professional for help with those conditions. It is beyond the scope of this certification to provide care or advice for any specific illness, symptom, or condition. Instead, the aim of this certification program is educate you in key aspects of overall health creation, and in particular the concepts of Healthful Living as taught by Dr. Graham and his associates.

CLC Registration and Signup

How do I register for the events included in the CLC program?

When you have determined you are available for the dates of an event included in your current level of the CLC program and fully paid for that level of the CLC program, send an email to both education@foodnsport.com and retreats@foodnsport.com to register including an email subject of "CLC Student – Event Registration" and being sure to specify the event dates and name of the event in the body of the email. Note that the number of attendees at each event is limited, so it is best to register for your events as soon as possible.

What are the prerequisites for signing up for the CLC program?

There are no educational prerequisites required for signing up for the CLC program.

In order to take the online exams, you will require access to a computer connected to the internet.

CLC Outcomes

Will I be certified when I complete the courses?

Upon completion of each level of the CLC program you will be certified at that level. On completion of a level of the CLC program, students receive a personalized electronic certificate in PDF format. The certificate is in the same style as other academic degree or diploma certificates. You can utilize the certificate to establish your credibility within the industry by displaying it on your website, emailing it to prospective employers, and/or printing it either on your choice of high quality paper for inclusion in your resume, or for framing to display in your home or place of business. In addition to the certificate, you will have the invaluable benefit of being backed by Dr. Graham as a successful student of his CLC program. Being recognized by Dr. Graham as an expert in the 80/10/10 lifestyle will almost certainly open numerous opportunities for CLC students, particularly as people with current CLC certifications are listed on the FoodnSport website.

What is required for my certification to remain current?

CLC1 and CLC2 certifications do not expire.

CLC3 certificates will be printed with a graduation date and a two-year expiration date.
In order to maintain current certification, CLC3 graduates must:
  • complete at least one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) every two years after CLC3 graduation *; and
  • attend at least one FoodnSport event in person every four years.
After achieving CLC3 certification, each time a CEU or FoodnSport event has been attended, the CLC3 student will receive an updated CLC3 certificate with an updated expiration date, while preserving the original graduation date.

To learn how to regain CLC3 certification after expiration, click here.

* If a CEU is attended in person (not by correspondence), then the CEU also counts as attendance at a FoodnSport event, so in such a case, attendance at a separate FoodnSport event is not required to maintain current CLC3 certification.

What will completing each course enable me to do?

  • Certification within the CLC program gives you recognition as a specialist under the 80/10/10 umbrella, as your name, locality and qualification will be registered on the FoodnSport website so people in your area can find you easily.
  • CLC1 certifies you as an 80/10/10 Nutrition Coach entitling you to give food demonstrations and to teach the basic concepts of raw nutrition.
  • CLC2 certifies you as an 80/10/10 Food and Fitness Coach expanding your teaching to include the aspects of fitness taught by Dr. Graham. CLC2 certification will enable you to show clients a range of exercises for well-rounded fitness.
  • CLC3 certifies you as an 80/10/10 Lifestyle Coach entitling you to consult under the 80/10/10 umbrella, leveraging your solid understanding of the 80/10/10 lifestyle.

I'm looking for a career, will I be able to make a living using the qualifications this course offers?

In contrast to the saying "It's not what you know but who you know", we believe that "what you know" allows you to establish more credibility with your contacts and clients. While CLC certification carries credibility, the process of becoming certified in the CLC program will refine your knowledge and skills to the degree that they will be respected and in demand. Through the process of becoming CLC3 certified, you will have established many valuable contacts and built relationships within the industry. The CLC program focuses on developing knowledge and skills to a level whereby CLC certification is well respected in the industry.

Is there work available with FoodnSport after I complete all levels of the CLC program?

FoodnSport values passionate, subject matter experts with applied knowledge. As these qualities are inherent in the CLC program training, there is a good chance for CLC students to work with FoodnSport in various capacities after achieving certification.

Does certification entitle me to use the 80/10/10 term to promote myself?

The term "80/10/10" is a trademark of Dr. Graham and FoodnSport. The term "80/10/10" is not to be used in private practice without the written permission of Dr. Graham and FoodnSport. Certification will allow you to use the term "80/10/10" within the written limitations expressed in the section below entitled "Usage of the Term 80/10/10 by CLC Students". Violation of these terms will result in the termination of your certification and potential legal action depending on the severity of your violation. If you are unsure when you are permitted to use the term "80/10/10", simply email your query to education@foodnsport.com.

Usage of the Term "80/10/10" by CLC Students:
  • CLC1 certification entitles you to promote yourself with the title "80/10/10 Nutrition Coach" and permits you to use the term "80/10/10" in promoting your food demonstrations and as well as when you teach the basic concepts of raw nutrition (via lectures or private coaching).
  • CLC2 certification entitles you to also promote yourself with the title "80/10/10 Food and Fitness Coach" and permits you to use the term "80/10/10" when you teach the aspects of fitness as taught during CLC2 and when showing clients a range of exercises for well-rounded fitness as taught during CLC2.
  • CLC3 certifiication entitles you to also promote yourself with the title "80/10/10 Lifestyle Coach" and to use the term "80/10/10" as a consultant under the 80/10/10 umbrella, when leveraging your deep understanding of the 80/10/10 lifestyle acquired through the CLC program.

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