Adventurine Smoothie

by Kevin Cosmo and Janie Gardener

Published: Tue, 17 Mar 2015


“Here are the amounts of ingredients I used to create the smoothie Kevin's photo of the blender indicated. He calls it simply a banana-date-spinach smoothie. Green smoothies are great ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, or any day at all.

This particular combo has always reminded me of the green quartz stone called adventurine, which is the origin of this recipe's name. Enjoy!”   – Janie

These are the proportions Janie used based on Kevin's blender photo.

Kevin's banana-date-spinach smoothie ingredients
Ingredients (Adjust amounts and proportions to taste):

7 Cavendish bananas*, fresh
9 Deglet Noor dates (or some other type of date, Kevin used Medjool)
5 oz baby spinach*
filtered water (to desired thickness)


blender (Janie used a glass picture and an immersion blender)
knife and cutting board (optional)
serving container


    1. Break or cut peeled bananas into 4" long or shorter pieces and place bananas in blender container. Optional: reserve a 1/4 round of banana for garnishing.

    2. Remove any pits in dates and place them in blender container. Optional: reserve a small piece of one for garnishing.

    3. Add water to fill blender container about 3/4 or so full. Remember to leave room for the volume of your spinach when blended.

    4. Blend enough so the dates and bananas are well mixed (but not smooth yet).

    5. Add spinach while blending, or add then blend in rounds as there is room for it as it blends down. Optional: reserve one nice looking small leaf for garnishing.

    6. Blend until smooth.

    7. Serve. Optional: garnish by floating a baby spinach leaf on top along with a 1/4 round of banana and small piece of date as pictured. Enjoy.

*You may substitute tatsoi, kale, or other greens for the spinach, or use other types of bananas, including frozen ones, however the end result may not look like adventurine with any of these substitutions.

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