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Supervised Water Fast with Dr. Graham1 Free Shipping Orders over $50: use code free502 Health and Fitness Week3 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries4 Culinary Skills Week5 The book Dr. Graham wants to be remembered for writing.6 80/10/10 Food & Lifestyle Retreat7 Get Started Combo8 Kickstart What You Need To Succeed9 All 4 of Dr. Graham's Raw Health Series: Series10 Simply Delicious Recipes for Jewish Holidays Book11
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The Cause Of Health Dr. Graham's Lectures (10-CD Set)



CD 1: The High Energy Diet
This soundtrack from the video will educate as well as motivate.

  • Nutrition Introduction
  • Comparative Anatomy
  • Food Combining
  • Program Basics
  • Raw Foods
  • 5-Star Dining System
  • Food Criteria
  • Food Demo

CD 2: Hoax Or Health
Unveils the myths of: Health Foods, Super Foods, Miracle and Wonder Drugs, Cures and Modern Medical Breakthroughs.

  • Inspiring Commitment
  • Vulnerable Groups
  • The Big Lie
  • The Shot Glass Effect
  • Determine Your Natural Conditions
  • Trash Or Treasure
  • Hoaxes Named & Explained
  • Diseases & Doctors
  • Mass Marketing

CD 3: Proper Use Of The Body
Serious yet light-hearted look at 22 lifestyle factors essential for achieving your fullest health potential.

  • State Of Affairs
  • Activity & Exercises
  • Be A Better You
  • Comfort, Sleep, Love
  • Food & Sunshine
  • Play & Activity
  • Environment & Self Mastery
  • Peer Interaction
  • Put Them All Together
  • Setting Goals
  • Key To Life

CD 4: How Natural Hygiene Transforms You
If you want to fly with the eagles you mustn't see yourself as a chicken. Learn efficient goal setting.

  • Welcome
  • Getting In The Mindset
  • You Come First
  • Transformation Of The Thoughts
  • Working For Change
  • Plan To Succeed
  • Motivation
  • Visualization
  • Remain Positive

CD 5: Designing A Health Program That Works
Achieve optimum fitness quickly. Avoid injury. Improve your posture. Finally control your weight!

  • Basis Of Living
  • Miracle Exercise
  • Injury Prevention
  • Posture Importance
  • Evaluating Your Workouts
  • Weight Control
  • Diet Considerations
  • Personal Coaching To Ease Your Mind
  • Whole, Raw, Mono
  • Sleep
  • Strive, Strive, Strive!

CD 6: The Various Elements of Health
Learn how to develop your personal motivation power and gain a fuller understanding of how every facet of your health program affects the others.

  • How To Evaluate Our Health
  • Health Comes For Free
  • The Constituents Of Motivation
  • No Element Is More Important Than Any Other
  • The Elements Intertwine
  • How The Elements Support Calcium Metabolism
  • Factors Impairing Healthy Calcium Metabolism
  • The Shot Glass Theory
  • Raising Toxemia & Toleration Levels through Unhealthful Living
  • Ten Closing Ideas On Health

CD 7: The Importance & Benefits of Activity
Learn the protocol to total fitness: Five essentials to sticking with your program and discovering the common denominator of all exercise.

  • Getting Our Daily Exercise
  • Perfect Practice & The Common Exercise Denominator
  • Exercising To Function
  • Types Of Exercise, Activity, & The Benefits
  • Making Exercise Fun
  • Making Exercise Valuable & Interesting
  • Exploring Different Aspects Of Exercise
  • How To Make A Boring Exercise Meaningful
  • Keys To Sticking With It

CD 8: Designing a Fitness Program That Works
Learn to define your fitness goals and recognize which activities will help you reach them.

  • Develop Your Incentive
  • Making Activities Pleasurable & Personal
  • Keep Going
  • How The Body Adapts To Fitness Exercise
  • Burning Calories With Aerobic & Anaerobic Activities Pt. 1
  • Burning Calories With Aerobic & Anaerobic Activities Pt. 2
  • Recovery – Rest, Sleep, & Refuel
  • The Rules For Being Human

CD 9: Health on the Installment Plan
How to accumulate health and healthy attitudes. Setting and reaching goals. Evaluate where your habits are taking you and much more.

  • A Cause For Action
  • Health Is Cumulative
  • The Three Strings
  • Getting Our Habits Under Control
  • The Medical “Mop It Up” Approach
  • The Price for Health Is Not Negotiable
  • The Greatest Teacher During Special Occasions
  • At War with Our Vices, At Peace with Our Neighbors
  • Make Every Day A Fresh Installment

CD 10: Living Healthfully In an Unhealthy World
Learn three rules for success, three more for influencing others and the most valuable guiding principles for living.

  • The Hardest Part About Living Healthfully
  • The Hygienic Earth
  • The Tip of the Spear
  • There’s A Hole In My Sidewalk
  • The Snail & the Cherry Tree
  • How To Get What You Want
  • Your Example Shapes Your Friends & Family
  • Tough Situations Are Easy
  • Strengthen Your Healthy Habits
  • On This Day
  • Questions & Answers
  • Play Takes The Work Out Of Your Workouts



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