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The 80/10/10 Diet is an excellent starting point to achieving brilliant health. However, sometimes we have specific concerns which cannot be addressed is a generic format, such as pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, sports performance, etc. These concerns can prohibit us from feeling confident in a dietary switch. Sometimes we may just desire someone to hold our hand through the process of transition. Dr. Graham, is here to help individuals achieve their specific health goals, meet individual concerns, and transition them to a life of vibrant health.

Dr. Graham's, tailored guidance is available with the submission of his consultation form. It is our belief that to recommend specific advice requires extensive information about you. To do otherwise is disrespectful to your health, and unethical in our view. So no health questions will or can be answered by Dr. Graham or any member of the FoodnSport staff without such information.

$75 fee includes:

  • detailed consultation questionnaire sent with receipt of payment
  • comprehensive review of questionnaire by Dr. Graham, including any follow-up questions, clarifications, or requests for more information if necessary
  • Dr. Graham's suggestions of how best to move forward on issues in questionnaire, which can include free resources, product recommendations, and/or custom consultation or coaching
  • estimate and fee structure of custom consultation and/or coaching charges as needed to respond to questions or to address the issues stated in the questionnaire

Payment Information and Process

Due to an overwhelming amount of inquiries, a form processing fee of $75.00 is required to receive Dr. Graham's consultation application.Once your form has been reviewed, Dr. Graham will determine full consultation fees on an individual case basis. They will be paid for in increments of $100.00 payment installments. At the time he provides your quote he may request further info, recommend actions, or other suggestions on how to proceed.

The average monthly price for this program starts at $300, however the actual fee must be determined by Dr. Graham based on the specifics of your situation.

I thought you would enjoy hearing that my father (whom you recently counseled in Sedona during one Raw Spirit evening) is thriving. For those readers unfamiliar w/ my dad's story, just over a month ago he was admitted to the hospital complaining of strong chest pressure/pain where he received a diagnosis of several severely blocked coronary arteries. After some whirlwind research into alternative solutions, he decided to reject the (multiple) doctors' recommendation of a triple-plus bypass procedure, instead choosing lifestyle changes, at least for the time being. He is currently consuming more whole,fresh,ripe,raw,organic plants than ever before w/ no cooked food, gets daily sun, has much reduced stress by working from home more, is experiencing improved sleep, and walks up to 6 mi. daily at a remarkable speed with minimal to no discomfort. None of us know what awaits, but we are confident that my father is acting appropriately by taking command of his own heath and letting his body heal itself as supported by a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Doug, you were (and are) instrumental in helping my father to solidify his resolve on this course. Since I know you won't toot your own horn, I gladly do the honors. Fellow readers should know that the good doctor, after working who knows how many hours over the past Raw Spirit weekend communing with many of you and others, still took the time to consult with my family for an HOUR and a HALF for which he asked ZERO remuneration.

The inspiration I and my parents drew from the meeting cannot be measured, Doctor. Your graciousness and empathy, mixed with a remarkable level of clarity and knowledge, epitomize that for which a true DOCTOR (indeed, every human) should strive.

In Gratitude,

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