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Supervised Water Fast with Dr. Graham

$2,416 & up 

Each fast will be a custom designed, unique experience, as will your realimentation (refeeding) and recovery period.

This event requires an application process for admittance.

Fast Your Way to Health with Dr. Graham in Washington State

September 5th - 20th 2019

What is fasting? Fasting has been defined in many ways, from cleansing and detox to consuming a juice-only diet to undertaking extended periods of ingesting nothing but water. With all the confusion about what fasting is, we like to make our definition as clear and simple as possible:

Fasting = Resting

Do you really need more rest?

In this day and age, resting could not be more essential. With the onslaught of information that comes to us each day through alarm clocks, phones, television, the Internet, city living, and the typical office job, many Americans are tired and unmotivated. Monday morning seems to happen every morning and to overcome the fatigue many of us reach for coffee, strong teas, energy drinks, and stimulating herbs.

Fasting is a way to overcome this lethargy, rejuvenate and renew your body, and reclaim your vigor. You can literally watch yourself grow younger. Life will never be the same after a supervised fast, as you find fitness becomes easier, thinking becomes clearer, and most of all your life and energy returns.

Is fasting for you?

  • Do you awaken refreshed each morning without an alarm clock?
  • Do you suffer from a degenerative disease?
  • Do you remember looking healthier, younger, and more vibrant?
  • Do you work a fast-paced job or live in a city?
  • Do you have lifestyle habits you wish to change?
  • Do you find yourself saying "I used to be able to" more often than you'd like?
  • Do you want a new competitive edge in your chosen sport?

If you answered yes to any of these, you should consider a fast.

The fast

Each fast will be a custom designed, unique experience, as will your realimentation (refeeding) and recovery period, which generally lasts a week or more for this length of fast. There is no set length that one must fast; we simply allow 15 days for the entire experience, including refeeding and travel. The length of your fast will be up to you, with the guidance of Dr. Graham. Fasts will typically run about two-thirds of the total time attended before refeeding, unless the fasters start early or make arrangements with Dr. Graham.

Our staff will consist of both experienced and inexperienced students. Students will study the fasting process in the form of classes, lectures and first hand experience.

The food

When you decide to break your fast, a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables will be available for you to delight in. Because it is currently very difficult to obtain 100% organic produce, we cannot guarantee all organic food at this event, though we will always select the highest-quality food possible.

The transition process is directed by Dr. Graham and his staff. They will do all they can to meet your needs. Foods are chosen in a specific sequence, volume, and rotation, to ensure that your nutritional and physiological needs have been met before you head home. Your fast will not be broken restaurant style, where you choose anything you wish from the menu. The realimentation period is considered to be a vital part of the fasting experience and will be supervised as rigorously as the rest of the fast.

At A Glance

  • Arrive Sep 5th between Noon and 3pm.
  • Depart Sept 20thth before noon.
  • $75 application processing fee (refunded if not accepted)    
  • Includes ALL expenses other than your travel to and from the facility:
    • lodging during the event
    • private Q&A with Dr. Graham
    • individual non-invasive monitoring
    • free parking
    • group educational lectures and discussions with Dr. Graham
    • meals at the event appropriate to your needs
    • room shared with one roommate from event
    • weekly linen service
    • weekly laundry service
    • daily multi-media educational presentations


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