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College of Natural Health

For further study of the sciences of Natural Health, Healing & Nutrition we recommend the College of Natural Health.  Read more...

The University of Natural Health

For further study of the sciences of Natural Health, Healing & Nutrition we recommend the University of Natural Health.  Read more...



These resistance bands are the most compact whole-body home gym on the planet! Bodylastics.com

Injinji Toe Socks

A great companion for the Five Fingers minimal running and athletic shoe, or for long-distance running in more conventional shoes.Injinji.com

Organic Athlete

Join the community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who believe that a better world starts with healthy people.OrganicAthlete.org

Vibram Five Fingers

Home of the Five Fingers minimal running and athletic shoe.VibramFiveFingers.com



Find the whole truth about cow's milk and dairy. NotMilk.com

Raw Food Central

Through education, demonstration and support Raw Food Central takes the best of the principles of Natural Hygiene and creates opportunities for a drug free, disease free, energy filled life. RawFoodCentral.com

Running RAW Around Austrialia

For the entire year of 2013, to inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices, to promote kindness and compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental awareness for a sustainable future, Veteran Raw Vegan Athletes Janette and Alan ran approximately 15,782km (9,806 miles) around Australia! At over 60 years of age they ran 366 marathons in 366 days! Dr Douglas Graham acted as nutritional adviser and fitness trainer to Janette and Alan for RunRAW2013, both during training and while they were Running Raw around Australia.

In the year 2000, to promote A New Environment for a New Millennium, Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray ran the length of New Zealand, 2182.2km, 50 marathons in 50 days beyond 50 years of age! The NZ2000kmRun was a fund-raising event for NZ athletes with disabilities aspiring to compete in the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. RunningRawAroundAustralia.com

Vibrance Magazine

The world's only health periodical which dares to teach the whole truth about human health. VibranceMagazine.com

Vida Clara

Community village and retreat center in Central America hosting fasting events supervised by Dr. Robert Sniadach. http://www.vidaclara.com/

Kitchen Tools

Coco Jack

Drink young Thai coconuts safely with ease, and scoop out the flesh all in one without opening it further.Coco Jack

Excalibur Dehydrators

World Leaders when it comes to food dehydration technology. ExcaliburDehydrator.com

Vitamix Blenders

Long term leaders in food blending technology. Read how to get a discount ...

Wholesale FoodnSport Products

United Kingdom

Deep Books Ltd

The official distributor of our titles in Europe, Ireland, UK and Scandinavia. Deep Books Ltd

United States and Canada

Nelson’s Books

Specializing in titles that promote plant-based nutrition, raw foods, and body mind spirit books and dvds. Nelson’s Books ships world-wide including Australia.

New Leaf Distributing Company

New Leaf Distributing Co. is the world’s largest wholesale distributor of books, recorded media and sidelines related to the subject areas of Spirituality and Metaphysics, Natural Alternative Wellness, and Conscious Living. New Leaf Distributing Company

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