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Who do I contact to ask a question about a FoodnSport event?

Send all questions related to FoodnSport events to events@foodnsport.com.

DO NOT send your event-related queries directly to Dr. Graham or any other FoodnSport staff as they may be unreachable at certain times of the year and we don't want to see your queries go unanswered. If your queries require input from Dr. Graham, rest assured that he will receive them in a timely fashion via events@foodnsport.com.

I've booked my flights. Who do I send my itinerary to?

We require everyone to email their full itinerary, including airline, flight number and expected arrival and departure dates and times to events@foodnsport.com. You will receive at least one confirmation email from events@foodnsport.com that we received your itinerary. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please resend your itinerary. We would rather be redundant than omissive, as having your itinerary is the only way that we can know when to expect you at the hotel and how to look for you if you are delayed or otherwise missing.

The FoodnSport event coordinator, events@foodnsport.com will be handling many of the details of this trip, including things such as itineraries, contact details for each of you, emergency numbers for you at home, medical and legal release disclaimers, etc. Expect to hear from the event coordinator once or twice before the event and send everything they ask for.

Can I have my own room?

A personal room can usually be accommodated for an additional fee. There are many benefits that come with sharing a room including safety and emotional support.

How are room allocations determined?

Room allocations will be determined by FoodnSport staff. Our best effort will be made to allocate the most comfortable rooms to full paying attendees, while giving due consideration to event logistics and special needs of individuals.

What should I bring?

Travel lightly

There are many benefits in packing as lightly as possible for this trip. Of course, we wouldn't want you to skimp on something that you felt was important. Many people who come to these events over pack when it comes to clothing. Rest assured, we provide a laundry service and you will be glad for bringing less.


Bring appropriate footwear; comfortable sandals that are easy to put on for comfortable use around the property and sneakers for exercising or going for a walk.


You are unlikely to need any rain gear other than an umbrella during the event.

Water container/bottle

Be sure to bring at least one water bottle that you would like to drink from for the duration of the event. This can be as simple as a reused plastic water bottle or fancy like a lexan, stainless or glass bottle. A wide-mouth opening makes for easy filling and cleaning. A larger capacity will be bulkier to carry, while allowing more time between refills.

You may prefer to bring a Platypus or Camelbak which is a small backpack containing a water bladder with a drinking hose. These can be very convenient allowing you to drink from the hose while lying down. While out walking it is also convenient to not have to carry a bottle in you hand, nor take a bottle out of a backpack, nor screw a lid off and on each time you need a drink. The bladder capacity is usually around 2-3 quarts/liters which allows you to last longer between refills. Here is an example of a bladder.


If you wish to bring a camera, we highly encourage you to do so.


If you are planning on using something that is battery powered, we suggest using rechargeable batteries and bringing your charger. That will save sending out for more batteries, or bringing lots of them.

Oil of citronella

We don't expect any problems with bug bites at our events, but if you are sensitive to getting bites, few drops of oil of citronella in a spray bottle of water makes an extremely effective bug repellent. It is a good idea to bring oil of citronella and a small spray bottle as a precaution; there is plenty of water available to dilute the mix.


If you wish to bring a camera, we highly encourage you to do so.


Some folks enjoy keeping a journal, or making handwritten notes during the events. Some folks find this to be a waste of paper, or more effort than they can muster. The choice is entirely yours.


Bring a good book or two if you are a reader. You can share/swap books with others at the event. You will be able to find some personal time to read if you wish. Many become so immersed in the event that they don't read as much as they had planned.

Laundry and bed linen

Linens will be washed for us by the hotel/retreat center staff.
Your personal laundry will be cleaned by our staff.
Contact events@foodnsport.com by email ASAP if you have any special requests regarding our choice of laundry soap. We have had people bring their own laundry soap, but it is not required.
We do your laundry regularly, allowing you to travel light.

How do I pay for the event?

A deposit or full payment is required in order to secure your place at any FoodnSport event.

For events which require an application/registration process, after your application/registration is accepted, you will receive an email with a link to a payments page in order to make a deposit or to pay the full balance.

For events which do not require an application/registration process, you can either pay a deposit or pay for the event in full via the appropriate button on the events web page.

After making a deposit, you will receive an email with a link to a payments page in order to pay the full balance. Payments may be made in installments.

See the FoodnSport Policies page for more information about when full payment is due, when reservations with a deposit are no longer available, return and transfer policies, and other relevant information. Any additional questions or concerns about the payment process should be directed to events@foodnsport.com.

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy can be found on our policies page.

Do you have group rates?

Requests for group discounts or other special rates should be sent to events@foodnsport.com.

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