Vegan Life - Elite Man Podcast : Interview of Dr. Doug Graham

by Justin Stenstrom

Published: Fri, 30 Apr 2016


Justin Stenstrom interviews Dr. Graham for Elite Man Magazine in their 72nd podcast episode.

Hear Dr. Graham answer questions about why he chooses to be a raw vegan, the benefits he has experienced with his lifestyle and why.

Dr. Doug Graham, author, lecturer, adviser to world-class athletes and trainers, and a raw fooder since 1978, joins our show today! Dr. Doug talks about being a raw vegan and what goes into having a vegan diet and the many health benefits that go along with it! He gives us an inside look into the vegan life, why he became a vegan, and why he’s healthier than so many other people his age (and younger). If you’re wondering about what goes into a vegan diet, why vegans have a longer life span than others, and why vegans follow the laws of nature better than most, check this interview below! In our interview we go over:
  • Why Dr. Doug Graham chooses to be a raw vegan
  • What exactly a raw vegan is
  • The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian
  • The potential health benefits of being a vegan
  • What happened to Dr. Doug Graham when he first became a vegetarian
  • Why your brain may function better on a vegan diet
  • The insane health benefits that Dr. Doug can personally attest to in his own life from switching over to a vegan diet and living the vegan life
  • The science behind veganism and vegetarianism
  • Why what we think of as normal may not actually be normal
  • Why you may not need as much protein or fat as you think
  • Why Dr. Doug eats 15-20 bananas in one sitting
  • Why you can get most of your nutrients by eating just fruit
  • How many calories and times a day Dr. Doug eats
  • Why his diet may seem crazy to some, but why it works so well for him and many others
  • Why we may be creating carcinogens in our body by heating up food
  • Why it’s not unusual for animals in the animal kingdom to eat one type of primary food
  • Why nature’s seasonal variety is probably best (eating foods while in season)
  • The fact that vegans and vegetarians have longer life spans
  • The last time Dr. Doug Graham was sick
  • Why it’s so important to take care of what you consciously can take care of
  • Dr. Doug’s commitment to personal growth and constant learning
  • Why it’s up to us to take care of our health

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