Overcome Hyperglycemia Just Like Kristina Did

Published: Mon, 23 Feb 2015

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram overcame hyperglycemia with the 80/10/10 diet and improved her health and vitality in many increadible ways. Excerpt of Dr. Graham, best-selling author of The 80/10/10 Diet interviewing Kristina about her incredible journey. View the full interview in The 80/10/10 Family.

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Dr. Doug Graham: Without further ado, I'm trilled to have you, Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, on our show. I just don't even exactly know where to begin, although I've planned out my time with you really well because I know that you're a busy person, and even getting 45 minutes with you is something really special.
I feel the same about you, Doug.

Dr. Doug Graham: Rather than me just singing my praises of you, which I'll probably do a little bit here and there anyway if you don't mind, but would you mind just telling us a little about yourself?
Sure, my name is Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. Many people call me Fully Raw Kristina just because I have been a low-fat raw vegan, just as Dr. Graham teaches, for almost 10 years now. That will be on July 15th, because I started in 2007. No, I'm sorry, 2005. Oh my gosh, how the years go by.

It has been an amazing journey, and by amazing journey I mean I have never ever been as happy with my health or as thriving or as energetic or felt as good. I got into this because I used to be hyperglycemic and I used to have serious blood sugar issues. I was underweight; I was emaciated; I had horrible migraines, constipation, low energy. You know name it, I pretty much had it.

By the grace of God I bumped into a stranger at the grocery store who started talking to me about raw foods and we become good friends. He told me about Dr. Graham and it was I think about six to eight months later when I was really looking into different types of raw food lifestyles. Keep in mind that back then social media wasn't very prevalent, so there was no Facebook, there was no Instagram. It was basically just finding people online. It was very difficult to find communities like this. I had definitely found Dr. Graham, and I remember I was so inspired by this that I ended up going to the Sedro-Woolley events and meeting him. I remember I just felt like family immediately.

It was such a beautiful experience to be able to bond with people who felt the same way about food, who ate the same way. It was just such a wonderful thing. I've learned so much throughout the past 10 years about living this lifestyle successfully, about eating enough fruits and vegetables, about having wonderful exercise and good sleep and sunshine and all of the components involved in having a truly healthy lifestyle.

I live here in Houston, Texas now. It's inspired me to start my own business, my own produce cooperative that I love and that I run and I get to support local farmers, I get to feed families, I get to enjoy the most delicious food. Just from point A to point B this has changed my life to not only be better but to also influence the community around me. I can't even say, the ripple effect is such a magical thing, and just getting one person to eat healthier, it does way more than you can possibly imagine.

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