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Is Dry Fasting Desirable or Deadly?

by Dr. Douglas Graham

T. C. Fry taught me a lot about hygiene, but he taught me a lot more about how to think. One time, out of the blue, he looked up at me during the middle of a chess game he was playing with his friend Max Huberman and said to me..See More …

Fasting: Exactly the Way YOU Want It!

by Dr. Douglas Graham

Over the past thirty years, I've trained hundreds of people to bring various aspects of healthful living to the general public. Many have become notable leaders in the raw movement. One, Nadder Montassir, has quietly and competently led more than a dozen retreats over the past five years focused strictly on helping people to regain their health through hygienic supervised fasting.See More …

The H2O Performance Difference

by Dr. Graham

When exercising heavily, especially when there is a strong cardio component to the exertions, much of our digestive functioning is depressed. Digestion and absorption are effectively put on hold so that the body's physiology can best support the exercise being undertaken.See More …

Dr. Graham Interviewed by Olahua Blog : Part 1 of 5

by Nicole Lana Lee

This first part of a five-part interview of Dr. Graham was originally published August 11, 2014, was originally entitled: 80/10/10: The Hottest and Most Overlooked Diet For Athletes? (Part 1) Reprinted with permission from Ola Huna: Health Secrets Made Simple.See More …

Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries : New Book Now Available!

by Dr. Graham

Unlike its predecessors, which focused primarily on first aid, therapy, and the treatment of injuries while putting little emphasis on injury prevention, the emphasis of Prevention and Care of Injuries is on the procedures, concepts, and awareness that result in healthy athletes who are not likely to be injury prone.See More …

32 Elements of Health: How Round is Your Wheel? : (Introduction to a 32-part series)

by Luke Sartor

“We cause our health, or we cause our sickness, through our mode of living!”
— Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
In the coming months, we will be presenting a series of short articles about each of the 32 fundamental elements of health, as identified on page 10 of The 80/10/10 Diet. Today we present a list of the 32 factors, so that we can all prepare for the coming lessons! This list is not exhaustive, nor it is presented in any particular order or ranking. However, we consider the first ten to be indispensable, essential, for even a moderate level of true health.

Most of these elements work synergistically. That is, when we incorporate any one of them into our lives, others may be enhanced as well. Conversely, a neglected or out-of-balance element can diminish the integrity of one or more of the others.See More …

Sensory Fasting for Optimal Health

Most folks seem to think that fasting means not eating. Well, certainly, that is part of the story. But by no means is it the entire picture, and using the word in that way often misleads people. I would like to explain a bit more about what a fast really entails, and how to make it as effective and efficient as possible.See More …

Fast, Faster, and Fastest Results

by Dr. Graham

Fasting has been hailed as the ultimate rejuvenator. Done properly, it can take years off your appearance and add years to your life. Done improperly, fasting can be one of the worst, if not the last, experience of your life.See More …

Do You Find This Stimulating?

by Dr. Graham

Now you can understand the role of stimulants as they relate to sports performance and your overall health. Learn why the use of stimulants must be considered an aging factor and how they increase your risk of injury. Learn which foods function as stimulants, and how they affect you. Want to be able to tell if something in your diet is a stimulant? Read this article and you will know for sure.See More …

Getting Optimal Results

by Dr. Graham

Pay no attention to your fitness and it will go away. Add in that which is missing from your program and your fitness will improve dramatically. By paying more attention to the weakest link in any aspect of your health regimen, including your physical fitness, you stand to access the greatest possible return on investment.See More …