I got my Pro Card on 80/10/10! : Pro Fitness Model Erin Moubray Interview

Published: Sun, 22 Mar 2015

80/10/10 Video Interview with Pro Fitness Model, Erin Moubray. Erin discusses how adopting the 80/10/10 diet helped her earn her Pro Card in fitness competition. Transcript below.


Kevin Cosmo: The question was: How have you gained notoriety? How have you become well known?
Erin Moubray: I got quite a bit of exposure, when I competed through my last event because I was doing it as a raw vegan. I noticed that that obviously raised a lot of eyebrows for a lot of people beforehand, and as well as during the competition. My fellow competitor certainly took notice of the fact that I was able to eat... and eat a lot and eat fruit backstage before the competitions the day before, whereas they were obviously on their restricted chicken and yam diets. So, that certainly got a lot of attention to me, and then obviously through Facebook, had a lot of people asking me afterwords. What are you doing? How are you getting to eat like this? So-

Kevin Cosmo: You mentioned your last event. How did you place in the last event or what was the last event? Do you want to describe that a little bit?

Erin Moubray: Yeah my... The last event that I competed in was the WBFF world competition. That's the Worldwide Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. It was their world event, so people from all over the world came to this event to compete. I competed in the fitness model short category. I placed third, and as well earned my Pro Card.

Kevin Cosmo: Congratulations.

Erin Moubray: Thank you.

Kevin Cosmo: You mentioned a little bit about your diet being unusual comparatively to your competitors. What's the normal fitness diet look like for a bodybuilding woman?

Erin Moubray: Well a lot of people to start off with use a lot of supplements. Not everybody, but most people do, and the supplements come in a lot of different forms, be it oils, fish oils, sometimes creatine, a lot of protein powder generally. A typical diet in itself would be a lot of egg whites, some people still continue eating dairy, in terms of yogurt. Lots of, lots and lots and lots of protein. Usually where there's a lot of emphasis. Really any leans... Any lean meats, fish, chicken and then of course complex carbs, bean, yams, potatoes. They do obviously recommend eating lots of vegetables.

Kevin Cosmo: Okay.

Erin Moubray: Because those are low in calories. Fruit however, funny enough, is not generally recommended. Especially when you're getting closer to your competition, because they say there's too much sugar in it. Obviously when I transitioned to this diet, it was really, really, really hard to wrap my head around not taking protein powder, even as a vegan, and being able to eat a lot of fruit, whereas I was told eat a very minimal, minimal amount if any at all.

Kevin Cosmo: Cool. You mentioned that you were able to eat up right up until your competition, even in your back room. You want-

Erin Moubray: I was-

Kevin Cosmo: You want to describe that scene a little bit in the back room, whereas you're eating and everybody else is not?

Erin Moubray: Yeah no! I remember in the back room, actually, I was... well, you have a little suitcase back there with all costumes and your gear basically for the show. As you come on and off stage you go back to a change room, and I pulled out some dates and some mangoes and bananas. Bananas are quite sweet and have quite a strong smell. If they're the only ones in the room. I pulled out a banana and started eating it, and somebody mentioned, "Who's eating a banana?!"

There I was munching away and I got SO much attention, and everyone was just blown away that I was allowed to eat fruit. The funny thing is the fact that they thought I was "allowed" to, because most people have a trainer who's written out a diet for them. Obviously no fruits allowed. Yeah, definitely, I got a lot of remarks and a lot of comments from definitely munching away on the fruit that I was. Same with the dates. I had a fresh, fresh cut up mango as well with me, and all the girls were literally drooling over my bag to say the least. [chuckle]

Kevin Cosmo: Cool. How did you come to compete in fitness modeling?

Erin Moubray: Fitness, fitness modeling really.. competing in general I think was a bucket list. I had it on there, I always wanted to do it. After I've had my daughter, I thought this is the time to do it. Eating vegan certainly gave me... It set me up with a good foundation in terms of my body. I was healthy doing well, so I decided why not?

I started doing my first competition last year. November of last year actually, was my very first competition. It just kind of went from there, after I got off stage I thought okay great, I'm done. I realized I loved it and I missed working out and I missed having a program to adhere to. I like the structuredness of what it gave my life.

It just kind of snowballed from there, and I realized also being up on stage and being in the spotlight it gave me the opportunity to talk to other girls, who were maybe struggling with their bodies or maybe thinking about competing. Since then I've had so many people come to me and ask me for advice and want to know about competing. If anything I've looked at this is such a great way to network with people and help others.

Kevin Cosmo: Great. Yeah I guess you really do get a chance to spread the message from the inside.

Erin Moubray: Definitely. Definitely.

Kevin Cosmo: What do you credit your most recent success to as far as placing third in the WBFF?

Erin Moubray: First, 150% my diet. That would be first and foremost.

A month before I competed I switched out my diet from a typical raw diet of high fat, lots of nuts, lots of pates, lots of avocados, and oils. I switched it up to eating low-fat raw vegan. Definitely my physique changed in that month in a huge, huge way. I didn't have to cut down. I didn't have to reduce my calories, if anything I was eating more. I didn't necessarily have to cut my water, take any, any water tights, a product that you take to tighten up your physique and expel water.

Then of course just consistency. Consistency is key. If anything, eating this way, which again would be my number one, gave me the energy to train harder. Because normally in those last 3 weeks before a show you're starting to reduce your calories, you're starting to reduce your carbohydrates. With that, your energy goes down. Well mine was the complete opposite. I was upping my carbohydrates, I was upping my calories. I was able to train longer, harder. One-hundred-fifty percent, like I said, the diet was exactly what I needed.

Kevin Cosmo: That's great to hear. You're saying with changing over to an 80/10/10 diet, you didn't have to take supplements at all?

Erin Moubray: None.

Kevin Cosmo: Throughout the process? None?

Erin Moubray: None. None.

Kevin Cosmo: Really?

Erin Moubray: None. It was definitely, like I said, a tough thing to wrap my brain around. I think it would be for any competitor, but no, I wanted to follow it to a T and I wanted to get, to really give it a go. At the time I really wasn't a firm believer because obviously... [phone makes a sound] I'm sorry, hang on.

Kevin Cosmo: Okay. You're telling me you took no supplements, just followed 80/10/10?

Erin Moubray: You're going to make me lose my sponsorship. [laughing]

Kevin Cosmo: Oh really? Okay I'll-

Erin Moubray: No, no, and you know what? I realize-

Kevin Cosmo: We don't have to touch on it.

Erin Moubray: No, at some point this is going to come out. I mean.. they don't really do. I mean they keep sending me stuff. It's, it is what it is. I don't use it.

Kevin Cosmo: Right. We don't, we don't have to.

Erin Moubray: No by all means. No, people... I need to be... I need to be honest with people and let them know that I'm not, really not using anything. People need to realize you don't need all that stuff. Yeah, no, let's answer that question truthfully.

Kevin Cosmo: All right.

Erin Moubray: No, I-

Kevin Cosmo: You're telling me you were able to get the amazing results you got without taking any supplements at all?

Erin Moubray: None. My only supplementation was a lot of fruit. And a lot of water. Really it's... I didn't have to, like I said I didn't have to cut down. I had all of the energy that I needed and more. No, again it was very, very difficult for me to wrap my brain around that, but I really wanted to give the whole 80/10/10 concept a go. Because of the... I think when I started it I really didn't believe that it would work. I was actually afraid that I was going to bloat it up, like every trainer that I've worked with has told me. "If you eat a lot of fruit, you're going to gain weight."" It's in fact quite the opposite. I became leaner, I could see more muscle definition. I lost excess water in my body and excess puffiness. No, no, there was certainly no supplement needed. The miracle of nature did its work on me.

Kevin Cosmo: What convinced you to even try it in the first place? Considering that you were so close to the competition date?

Erin Moubray: I started having a lot of discomfort and a lot of irritation with eating the high fat raw vegan

Kevin Cosmo: Okay.

Erin Moubray: It's not that my physique was struggling, it was more so my energy and my digestion, which was very, very, very poor on that. Eating lots of nuts, nut pates and what have you. I actually went and spoke to somebody who was raw foodist who had actually gone fruititarian, if you want to call it that, for a short stint in her life. She had mentioned something about the 80/10/10 to me and I thought, I read the book, I actually read the recipe book before I read anything. I thought, "Well, this is easy. I can do this." That's kind of what got me started, and I thought, "all or nothing." I want to feel better, and literally, literally within 2 to 3 days I was feeling incredible and amazing. Much better than I'd ever felt eating meat or fish or my protein powders or even just regular raw vegan. I felt incredible.

Kevin Cosmo: Great. How was your experience working with Dr. Doug?

Erin Moubray: Well it was great actually. I basically went out on a limb and I thought, because I started seeing immediate results and really good for what I was wanting. I read the book. I actually sent him an email and said, "Thank you." Thank you for writing this book. I'm a fitness competitor, if you have any other information that's not in your book that you could be, that you could share with me, that could help me prep- Because I think still in the back of my mind I was still doubting that this would work all the way up until that point. I was still appreciative of what he's taking me to at that point. If anything he said keep following it. He was very supportive and offered his assistance along the way, in any way that he could. I was astonished that he even wrote back to me and even acknowledged me. Yeah he was really supportive and he's still continued to be and stays in contact with me, and still supports anything that I'm doing.

Kevin Cosmo: It is amazing-- [cut off here]

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