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Katy Craine Interview, January 2015

Katy Craine attended her first FoodnSport event in 2010, and has been involved in almost every event since. A Simply Delicious Culinary Skills graduate, she has been co-chef with Chef Alicia Ojeda at our Washington retreats, head chef at our Costa Rica retreats, co-written several of the Simply Delicious Raw Recipe Series with Dr. Graham, and more. Discover how she did it, what she's doing now, and more about her life in this interview.

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Canistel-Banana Crème "Pumpkin" Pie

by Janie Gardener

This simple 3-ingredient recipe has rivaled and surpassed pumpkin pies at mixed-diet potlucks I've attended for years. It is comprised of sweet fruits to enjoy as a dinner alone, or as a lunch. Enjoy and Aloha! :)

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Cheezy Shephard's Pie

by Chris Kendall and Ashley Clark

Oh how I have always loved shepards pie, such a hearty and delicious dish. After trying my sweetheart Naturally Ashley's raw Mac n Cheese recipe (its one of my all time favorites) a thousand new idea's started to bloom and this twist was born!

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Raw Vegan Health And Fitness

The Science Of Health And Fitness Retreat For Personal Trainers and Fitness Enthusiasts

Find out how to take Vegan Health and Fitness to the next level on this Google Hangout hosted by Dr. Douglas Graham recorded live.

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80/10/10 Raw Recipe Book on Amazon Kindle from Dr. Graham

Free May 24-28, 2014

by Dr Douglas Graham and Katy Craine

80/10/10 Raw Vegan Recipes from Dr. Graham – Absolutely FREE May 24-28th)!

Although the free book promotion is over, you can get the Simply Delicious 80/10/10 Raw Recipe books on Amazon and iTunes.

Dr. Graham tells you all about it in the short video here.

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Nori Rolls with a Tangy "Peanut" Dipping Sauce

by Dr. Douglas N. Graham and Chef Katy Craine

Want sushi and nori rolls with a dipping sauce while skipping the fish, grains, and peanuts? This recipe will deliver and delight.

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Spanish Rice

by Dr. Douglas N. Graham and Chef Katy Craine

Have your rice and skip the grains too! Spanish Rice 80/10/10-style. An excellent way to liven up your meals.

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Quick Carrot Soup

by Dr. Douglas N. Graham and Chef Katy Craine

Looking for something different and impressive, but quick and easy at the same time for dinner? This soup could be just what you're looking for!

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Sweet-n-Savory Burritos

by Dr. Graham and Chef Katy Craine

Enjoy these Burritos 80/10/10-Style! Both sweet and savory flavors are sure to please everyone at mealtime.

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Cauliflower Potato-less Salad

Served at Culinary Skills Week 2012

by Chef Alicia Ojeda

Love potato salad, but want to skip the potatoes and do it 80/10/10-Style? No problem. Try this recipe out for size, and adjust it according to your personal favorites.

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Fast, Fun, and Phenomenally Easy Recipes

by Dr. Douglas N. Graham

Terrific recipes that are quick, and great for kids too!

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Rainbow Kabobs

Served at Culinary Skills Week 2011

by Student: Katie Rushworth

Here is one of the fabulous recipes the Culinary Skills Week 2011 students created this year. It is an overt-fat-free hors d'œuvres with a beautiful presentation and delicious taste combination, perfect for special occasions when you don’t want to eat overt fats.

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Fruit Feast

The Original Monomeal

by Janie Gardener

Fruit consumption is just plain easy. It is generally easy to harvest-either growing on vines that are easily reached or falling from trees when ripe. It requires no preparation and can often be eaten with bare hands. Its texture requires minimal chewing, making it easy to eat by the very young and the very old alike.

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Nectarine Dot Soup

Served at Culinary Skills Week, 2010

by Chef Simon Flack

A beautiful favorite at the Washington State retreat this year. Served for "Dot Day" themed dinner.

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Post-Training Smoothie

by Janie Gardener

Relax and enjoy this smoothie and start your exercise recovery in style!

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Black Forest Pudding

by DanDann

Delicious chocolate recipe without the chocolate!

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