Aren't there health benefits to some oils? : Ask FoodnSport

by Dr. Graham

Published: Wed, 19 Aug 2015


Question from our forum

“you and many others demonize/hate on oils and i understand the reasons why and agree but… why when i google health benefits of oils alot comes up on the benefits of them, thus used correctly in the correct amounts and extracted 'expeller method' and the healthy oils vs. unhealthy ones, one would assume they're not all that harmful now… plus majority use them when sauteeing veggies as well as in raw recipes also and they make things 'slide' so to say easier and faster through your digestive tract. so what are your thoughts on what is said about all the positive benefits of them vs. that they are just a refined product with empty calories etc. thanks”

Doug Graham:

Thanks for asking this excellent question. I can see how people might be confused.

  1. I don't demonize or hate on oils, I simply make it clear that there is another side to the story besides the one most people give you as rationalizations for using oils. I make it clear that there are profound health detriments involved in the consumption of oils.

  2. I do not disagree that there are potential health benefits to using oils. In the same way, I do not disagree that there are potential health benefits to smoking cigarettes, (weight management, stimulating effect makes for better performance in sports that require a burst of energy, raising of blood pressure for those with low blood pressure, etc) consuming alcohol, (provides addition calories to the ultra thin, calms the nerves of the worrisome individual, helps insomniacs sleep, etc) eating sea salt (again raises blood pressure, prevents over-hydration, lowers aldosterone production, etc) or any of the other known health hazards. The issue isn't about the potential benefits, the issue is about the potential for harm.

  3. The people promoting oils have to make it sound good, and have to leave out mention of the deficits. They aren't going to admit to the fact that oils are empty calories, that one cup of oil provides an active woman with all her calories for an entire day, that oil consumption is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

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