How to Make Your Own Weights Barbell and Dumbell : How to Make Your Own Weights Barbell and Dumbell

by Dr. Graham

Published: Fri, 27 Feb 2015

Can't afford a gym membership? Then make your own weights. Dr. Doug Graham shows off a simple design to make your own dumbbell or make your own barbell. Find out what circus dumbbells are, as well as a few tips in the process.


Hey! Dr. Doug Graham here, just talking a little bit about fitness and making your own toys. Sometimes people tell me they can't afford to go to the gym, or they don't own a weight set and it's a problem. They don't know where to access stuff. I just wanted to let you know, you can easily make your own with a five gallon bucket and a little bit of cement.

What we're going to unveil here is known as a "circus dumbbell".

I don't know if I can move it. We just made it as an experiment. We might have to make a lighter one, but we're going to unveil a circus dumbbell. It's a pretty heavy dumbbell, to be quite honest. It's just a little piece of pipe. We started with something about like this, and put some cement in the bucket and stuck the pipe in. Once one end hardened, we pulled it out, put a little cement in the bucket again, stuck the pipe in. This is what we end up with. Our circus dumbbell.

It's heavy enough so I'm not putting overhead just today, but I'm hoping that day will come. For the moment, for me to play with this dumbbell requires two hands. It's heavy, but it's a fun little toy. Even putting it up here is requiring a bit of effort. I would guess it's in the 90-pound range. I don't know. Maybe it's a little more, a little less. It's hard to tell, but it is going to be a great little toy to play with. We can make endless numbers of them using the same bucket over and over again. Two feet of pipe. We can make them any weight we want to make them. A little more cement, a little less cement. We have our circus dumbbell.

We took a piece of steel, put a bucket full of cement, put the pipe in, let it all harden off. Once it had hardened, did the same thing down at the other end. We're ready for the unveiling today. We're going to, hopefully, be able to loosen our supports and get this thing off of here. Maybe. Only maybe. It never goes the way you want it to when you're on film, right? There we go. I'm going to let the whole thing fall to the ground.

Kevin Cosmo (cameraman): Where?

Right there. With a resounding clunk. Eventually, we'll take this bucket off. We now have our own homemade dumbbell. Our own homemade barbell set. Yes, we will even take the bucket off, but I just can't wait to find out. How heavy is this thing? Will it come off the ground? Not without some effort involved, that's for sure. Nope. Didn't happen yet. Effort is going to seriously be involved. Wow. It's so heavy. I don't know if I can even ... Don't know if I can get it off the ground.

One more try, maybe. Maybe it'll come, but it's heavy. And there you have it. A new toy. We'll have fun picking that one up, I'm sure. Now that we know that it does come off the ground, I'm sure everyone else that's here with me will want to pick it up as well. This is Dr. Doug Graham, reminding you to have a lot of fun as you go to health.

I just want to convey my gratitude and thank yous to Richard Gambino. Richard has been helping me for years at FoodnSport events, and before that, attended many FoodnSport events as an attendee. He's now working with FoodnSport, and volunteering for Food and Sport doing various things. Especially his field of expertise as a master stone mason has left him in a perfect position to create toys for us, such as this beautiful circus dumbbell, or our creative barbells to which we're going to be able to add weights as we desire, using ropes and chains and other supplemental weights on top of the barbell itself. He's made for us more than 16 atlas stones that we're all having fun playing with the different stones. They've been serving us for years. I'm sure he's going to make even more in the future.

Richard, I want to convey my sincere "thank you" to you for all your efforts on our behalf. We're thrilled for the time we get to spend together. Your personal achievements, going from a noted athlete, all the way now with the influence of 80-/0/10 to becoming an All-American 3000 meter steeple chase runner. This is quite an accomplishment. I'm thrilled for the time we get to spend together. So glad that you got to meet your fiance at a FoodnSport event, and I know there's many, many great times to come in our future together. I look forward to a long lasting friendship with you, my baby brother. Thank you, Richard Gambino, for all your efforts on our behalf.

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