Importance of Biomechanics : 3 Factors to Physical Performance

by Dr. Graham

Published: Fri, 29 Jan 2016


When I was running daily, I pretty much knew what to expect of myself in terms of performance. I took each day as it came, in stride, and don’t remember ever having a disappointing session.

Not so with strength training.

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I know what I can lift, and I expect to be able to lift that same weight, or better, the next time I go to the gym. For some reason, it doesn’t always work out that way, and I know that I can easily let my emotions become affected by a “poor” performance. I’m beginning to get a handle on why some days are better than others, and see that various factors play a role.
  1. Recovery.

    If I am not fully recovered from the last session, my performance is definitely compromised at my current session. I just can’t lift as heavy, and need to recognize this important clue.
  2. Overall tiredness.

    When I’d really rather be getting more sleep instead of more training, finding the motivation to train with intensity is challenging. In addition, I’m more prone to making mistakes, which can lead to injury, and to...
  3. Form breaks.

    Lifting is highly technical, with some lifts being much more so than others. Without using proper form, the exertion goes to the wrong muscle groups, resulting either in injury or inability to lift as heavily as expected. Pay attention to your form, in every sport, in every activity.

    As witnessed by Eddie Hall’s recent record-breaking deadlift of 1018 pounds, (462Kg) we are capable of tremendous feats when our form is correct. We can all cite examples of injuries resulting from the use of poor form. The better your form, the better you perform, and the better you feel about it.

At FUNdaMental Health and Fitness Week this year we will teach you the correct biomechanics for all sports and activities.

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