Create a Community Recipe Book With Us!

Published: Sat, 15 Aug 2015


Surprise! Let‘s Create a FREE download PDF of 80/10/10 Recipes Together!

We‘d love your help in creating a community recipe book of your 80/10/10 Low Fat Raw Vegan Creations! You submit your recipes and photos and we‘ll do all the compiling and formatting into a beautiful resource right at your fingertips.

We want to help you have access to great proven recipes from all the nations of simple fruit and plant eating 80/10/10 friends. Expand your idea of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the help of other mindful vegans.

Our plan is to make the free download, in PDF format, available by the end of 2015. That is just about 120 days. Submission Deadline for inclusion in this 1st Edition is October 5th 2015.

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