Fruit Sugar Causes Cancer, Diabetes, Candida, and Hypoglycemia?!?

by Dr. Graham

Published: Sat, 21 Mar 2015

Is fruit sugar dangerous or is it essential? Dr. Graham, in less than 3 minutes, logically demonstrates the absurdity of fruit being linked to cancer, diabetes, and other 'sugar' metabolic disorders. Transcript below.

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This is an artery. [draws parallel lines] Inside it is sugar. [draws a circle between the lines] Sugar fuels every cell of the body--including cancer cells. It fuels every cell. Regardless of your diet, whether you eat pure blubber and you're an Eskimo, whether you're a muscle head eating protein powder by the can, whether you're on a health food diet or whether you're only consuming water.

In health, your blood sugar levels stay within very tight parameters. You always have blood sugar. You cannot reduce sugars in order to get rid of cancer. Because it wouldn't work. You must have blood sugar or you die. Your brain needs sugar, your liver needs sugar, your muscles need sugar. Every cell of the body is fueled by sugar.

If you were to try to get rid of the sugar, you would die. If you were to try to get rid of the sugar in an effort to get rid of the cancer, you would be getting rid of yourself long before you get rid of the cancel cells. That won't work. You can't actually lower the sugar because even if you eat only vegetables or only water, you then just start converting your own fat into sugar.

But everybody knows somebody with cancer, right? Who got it from eating fruit? Everybody knows somebody with diabetes, right? Who got it from eating fruit? Everybody knows somebody with candida, right? Who got it from eating fruit? No.

If I said to you, "You'll get sunburnt, don't eat fruit." You'll laugh. A cure for sunburn is don't eat fruit. You'll laugh. That's silly. Fruit can't cause the sunburn, therefore, not eating it can't be the cure. Yet, people with cancer are told, "Don't eat fruit," as if the fruit was the cause of your cancer?

Folks, we've got to start looking at some serious contradictions in what we do, or what we believe, and what we know. Because we're not adding up in making sense. We're taking things that absolutely are more than far reaches, and trying to pin our health on it.

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